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Sustainability Studio Resources

Open Studio Resources  - Please add to this page!

This is where we're gathering free and openly-licensed resources for use in the Studio. We are organizing them around the eight sustainability competencies.

1. Personal development

2. Critical thinking

3. Systems thinking

Systems Thinking: Free Management Library (Read Copyright and Reprint Terms in program description.)

Systems Thinking: Health Behavior and the Socio-Ecology Model (

Otto Scharmer

The Presencing Institute
4. Social justice

5. Civic engagement

6. Economic vitality

7. Ecological integrity

Ecological Integrity: The Ecology Global Network. Includeds news, resources and campus network

Ecological Integrity: Ecological Society of America (ESA). Organization dedicated to the science of ecology.

8. Aesthetics

The aesthetics of wind power

Across the world, wind technology produces as much political heat as electric light—stirring local arguments as well as global ones

Windstalk – Wind Farm Without the Turbines

Blown away by a Beijing wind farm

The Aesthetics of Wind Energy

Senate bans some wind energy

Andy Goldsworthy


Other Resources:
Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs

CARTA: Neurobiology Neurology and Art and Aesthetics. In this edition of CARTAs Evolutionary Origins of Art and Aesthetics Series, two world-renowned scientists, neurologist Vilayanur Ramachandran and neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux share their insights into the neurobiology that mediates our perception of universal qualities essential to the human experiences of aesthetics and creativity.

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