posted message: Just created a search engine which searches 40 different educational technology wikis, you might find it useful if you're interested in this field:
posted message: Remember that people interested can meet online at 5PM EST today at Totally voluntary, I'll be there, and if nobody shows up, that's OK :)
posted message: So since nobody have suggested a reading for this week, I suggest Bielaczyc, K., Collins, A., O’Donnell, A., Hmelo-Silver, C., & Erkens, G. (2006). Fostering knowledge-creating communities. Collaborative learning, reasoning, and technology, 37–60. Lawrence Erlbaum. I have put an OCRed PDF on Crocodoc: (you can also download it from there).
posted message: Synchronous meetup this Saturday: Hi all, I want to organize a synchronous meetup for those interested (totally not obligatory) this Saturday at 5PM EST, let's meet in this pad: Everyone who have already read the paper are super welcome. Depending on how many show up, I am thinking about doing something like this: - divide everyone in pairs and do short Skype calls to discuss the paper, then a discussion in Etherpad, but we could also use other tools - mindmaps, collab Prezi etc. Should be fun! (If the time doesn't fit you, why don't you organize another meetup time? :))
posted message: Move the current paper up to task #1
posted message: Just a reminder to FOLLOWERS of this course: we've created a very simple (six questions!) survey for all the followers of CSCL intro. Since "following" is a new concept, it's really important to us to hear about the experiences of people who followed the course, how the course was (or was not) useful, how the functionality did (or did not) support following, etc. So far, about eight have replied, which is great, but there are 49 followers, and we would REALLY APPRECIATE a few more replies! Even if you did _nothing_ after signing up to follow, that is _still_ very useful information to us, and we'd really appreciate it if you took three minutes! THANKS!
posted message: We have created a survey for followers (not core participants), about your experience following this course - this is really crucial for us to improve this experience (from a software perspective and a design perspective) for future courses, and we would really appreciate if as many as possible could answer - there are only 6 questions so it will only take you five minutes. Thanks!
posted message: Hi all, we're meeting for the final meeting at RIGHT NOW! :) (Followers, feel free to join, would love to hear what you got out of the course).
posted message: Hey all, we will meet at 5PM EST (the normal time) at this URL: - hope to see you there (and would love to see some quick reflections from those of you who haven't added them already).
posted message: Hey all, this week we are meeting with Sandy McAuley on Etherpad at the normal time (in 20 minutes): Sandy's YouTube presentation:
posted message: I've gathered quite an impressive list of edutech related wikis, and glossaries here: -- some of these are really helpful in quickly explaining what "scripting", "adaptive learning" etc mean. I hope to spend more time to review them and find out which are really helpful in the future. I also wrote to the head of CSCL community relations and asked about an online space for CSCL conversations.
posted message: Hi all, Alexander (Sandy) McAuley has just confirmed his participation this Saturday at the usual time. I really hope you'll all give him a warm welcome - by reading the IRRODL article about Nunavut, and showing up :) We might be using another environment than Etherpad, but I will post about that here before the event. See you all then!
posted message: Hey guys. One of the blog posts from this course about scaffolding was just picked up by Stephen Downes' newsletter: Not only did this expose our class to thousands of his readers, but there was also a tiny discussion on his webpage. This is the kind of "amplification" that is possible with an open course - something I hope to see more of in the future! It's also a reminder that although we can spend lot's of time discussing what kind of OER we want to generate from the course, the blog posts themselves are really valuable to many people. I hope to see many great blog posts this week - let's finish strong!
posted message: I just posted the last bi-weekly: Week 7 has also been updated with all the readings. Have a great week!
posted message: Hey all, we'll meet as usual this afternoon (or tomorrow morning for me and Jennifer) at 5PM EST on Etherpad: Please have a read through the Puntambekar article first! We're almost "in goal", let's keep up the steam for the final weeks. (My initial notes on the article are here:
posted message: Hi Rebecca, I guess this is as good a place as any :) Would be great if you could drop in, but totally understand if you can't. Have an amazing retreat, wish I could be there!
posted message: Hi Rebecca, I guess this is as good a place as any :) Would be great if you could drop in, but totally understand if you can't. Have an amazing retreat, wish I could be there!
posted message: Monica just posted bi-weekly #8!
posted message: Readings for week 5 posted: (wow, P2PU has the longest URLs). Will write the daily tomorrow (Ie. tonight EST).