posted message: ISO 9000 Information. Here is some links about the ISO 9000 standard I mentioned in our last meeting. ISO 9000 Quality Standards Explained from the International Standards Organization video NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) Baldrige Award (quality) in Education Examples of Applying Baldrige in Public Schools Comments from educators on the Baldrige Award competition Tom
posted message: Sorry, this is off-mission but I a have a question for you all. What will education look like 25 - 50 - 75 years from now? What will be the overall scheme from early years to senior years? What paths will be available? Will the continuum range from pure classroom/campus to pure cloud? Will education be a lifelong opportunity (requirement?) and a necessity to contribute to society. We're all learning about what we need to know for tomorrow and part of that is defining tomorrow's education. Thoughts?
posted message: Op-Ed in NY Times yesterday (Excuse me if this was already post and I missed the posting) "The Trouble With Online Education"
posted message: This morning's (Friday the 20th) e-mail from Fast Company had a teaser ad stating an online MBA program "that you probably can't get in to". Two questions on the splash page is 1. why and 2. "How many years of work experience?
posted message: From the capitalist in me, if Parkside could make a lot of money doing this, why not do it? Create a financial surplus to help support the other Parkside colleges?
posted message: As of now, this is how it looks to me. If there is a big market for this degree, why not come up with a way to do this all under Parkside? Could Parkside create a new separate college for this new degree? A College of Experiential Education or some other more appropriate name for a new college. If Parkside does not do this as a new college; could Parkside then create a subsidiary to the University for this degree, UW Parkside Extension? You should know that it is not uncommon for not-for-profit organizations (a so called “member” organization) to create wholly owned subsidiary (or subsidiaries) whose purpose is to create a profit that is returned to the member organization for the member organization to help achieve its mission.
posted message: More questions and a few other thoughts: It’s difficult for me to see how this degree program can fit into any four year degree granting, comprehensive university; but I am open to explanations, thoughts and ideas. How much of the degree can be accomplished by only taking tests? A common complaint in many businesses today is that many young new job entrants have been immersed in digital communication – texting and e-mails. The resulting reduction in face-to-face communication has stunted their conflict resolution skills. Would these graduates have similar issues? Can the effects of the social element of a traditional university environment be measured?
posted message: People, Today I did get a better understanding of the broad brushstrokes of the proposed program and the potential metrics for measuring successful outcome of this group. The bad news is that while today answered several questions, even more have been raised. My current impression is that this group may best serve Parkside by creating and organizing the definitive list of most important questions which would then be answered by the next group.