Introduction & Learning Objectives

In this course, I'm going to strip back video making to the bare essentials, and keep it really simple. I am an award-winning, experienced cinematographer, but the fundamentals of shooting good video aren't difficult or expensive to achieve. On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify three common devices you may already own for shooting video
  • Describe the three most important considerations when shooting video
  • Provide three ways to transfer your footage to a computer for editing
  • Access three free applications for editing your video
  • Identify three different places to publish your video

That's it - the absolute basics to enable you to shoot, edit, and publish your own videos, while avoiding the worst mistakes made by the majority of beginners.

Activity: Your Say!
In the comments below, please feel free to critique these learning objectives. Do you think these learning objectives are enough to get you shooting good video? Is there something more that you would like to see as part of this course; or is there something not essential that could be left out? I will modify this course, or add more courses in future, to suit your needs.


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