Three Ways to Publish your Finished Video Online

Once you've edited your video, you're going to want some way of showing it off to others! A better option than making copies of the file and distributing it on DVDs or memory sticks is to publish your video online. Here are three easy options:

  • A private streaming server. Here, at the University of Canberra, we use a video streaming service called Echo360, which records lectures in all of our main venues as well as allowing teachers to upload videos from their own computers for viewing by students. To do this, you'll need to ask ITM to install Echo360 Personal Capture onto your computer. You can upload videos to the server from this application, including videos recorded directly with Personal Capture, and videos you've made using your own camera or editing platform.
  • A specialist media site. If you're making an educational video, you could consider putting up on an educational video streaming site, such as TeacherTube. This might be a good choice if you'd like your students to be less likely to be distracted by cat videos; TeacherTube does recommend other videos, but if you've added an accurate description, title and keywords, they're more likely to be related to the one you've uploaded.
  • A general social media site. The two best are YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube is great for its sheer ubiquity - you can guarantee that no matter what device your viewer is using, YouTube will play on it. Vimeo has much better visual quality than YouTube, as well as some other options. For example, you can allow viewers to easily download a copy of your video if you wish; and you can set a password on your video if you would like to protect it so that only people you give the password to can watch it.

Many of the editing tools described previously have "one click" publishing for YouTube and Vimeo, allowing you to publish a copy of your video very easily and quickly.


Why do you think YouTube has become the world's most popular video sharing site? Please post your answer in the "Comments" section below.


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