Each "Week" begins on a Monday and ends the following Sunday. 

Case Scenarios are due (posted in the Forum) by 11:59 pm (EST) every other Sunday (individual deadlines listed below).  The first two Case Scenarios will be posted when the course begins, and the final Case Scenario will be posted approximately halfway through the course.

Week 1 (March 18 - March 22) Copyright Law and the Public Domain

Week 2 (March 25 - March 29) Copyright Owners, Exclusive Rights, and Infringement

Case Scenario 1 - Due March 31 Sunday

Week 3 (April 1 - April 5) Limitations to Copyright: Overview. Fair Use. 

Week 4 (April 8 - April 12) Limitations to Copyright: Sovereign Immunity (11th Amendment). The TEACH Act, the First Sale Doctrine and Library/Archive exceptions. 

Case Scenario 2 - Due April 14 Sunday

Week 5 (April 15 - April 19) Other Roadblocks to Use of Copyrighted Content

Week 6 (April 22 - April 26) Introduction to Open Access and Open Educational Resources

Case Scenario 3 - Due April 28


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