Case Scenario 3 (due April 28)

Instructions: Each group should submit one collaborative written answer. You will submit your assignment by posting it in the Forums.

Case Scenario 3 is due at 11:59 EST on Sunday, April 28.

A teacher friend of yours heard you took a P2PU course called “Copyright 4 Educators,” and wrote you the following e-mail message. Draft a response e-mail guiding your friend through the process of figuring out how to build the resource described without running afoul of copyright law. Your response should be narrative--explain the issues and conclusions in plain language. You should help your friend understand how to determine which materials are and are not protected by copyright, what is okay under fair use or other exceptions to copyright, and how openly licensed materials might be useful.

Hi there,

I want to build a website for the History of Music class I am teaching at the local high school. I would like to post all of the course material for the class on the website, but I don’t know what I’m allowed to use. I want to include some books, news articles, scholarly papers, musical scores, and music recordings. How can I figure out what I can and can’t use?


Harper McGee


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