4. Openness: Benefits and Issues (Aug 31-Sept. 5)

In the fourth week of the course (Aug. 31-Sept. 5) we will delve more deeply into the value of openness, as well as some issues that can emerge when doing work openly.

A. Brainstorm barriers or problems that open content or practices could help with

Given what we've done so far in the course, and thinking beyond the course as well, try to come up with one or two things you would like to do, but experience barriers to that openness could help with. What sorts of open tools, resources or methods might help to overcome these barriers?

Share your thoughts in the discussion area on Discourse, here: http://discourse.p2pu.org/t/week-4-what-might-openness-help-with/123 . Feel free to comment on what others have written as well.

B. Case Studies and stories of openness

Read at least two stories from one or more of the following, which describe benefits of openness, issues with openness, and barriers from closed content, practices and methods.

Then reflect on what you've read, raising questions, giving comments, talking about what was surprising or new for you, or anything else you'd like to discuss, here: http://discourse.p2pu.org/t/week-4-benefits-and-issues-with-openness/124

*If you have suggestions for other stories/case studies of either benefits or potential issues with openness, please post them in the Discourse area, here: http://discourse.p2pu.org/t/week-4-benefits-and-issues-with-openness/124

1. Benefits of openness

2. Arguments about benefits and drawbacks of specific Creative Commons licenses

3. Stories of issues with openness, problems that people have run into when opening their work or practices

Lockley's presentation at a conference in 2013, found here: http://vimeo.com/62114530 If you want the short version, you could start around 12:40 and watch to the end, where the argument is sort of summarized I think.

 Lockley's video about "why open is over," partly because "open" is a term that is too vague and doesn't have a single definition: https://vimeo.com/95333897


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