5. Final project - Course portfolio

We would like to invite you to submit a final project for the course in the form of a portfolio of your work in the course. If you complete this project, you can earn the second badge for the course, called "Why Open? Open Story (final project)" (see link at left).

To complete this project and earn a badge, please create a portfolio with the following elements:

A collection of your work in the course

Collect the things you have written in each section of the course, not including comments on others' work unless you wish, and post them in the Discourse discussion area [http://discourse.p2pu.org/category/why-open]. You can just put links to your earlier posts there, or you can copy and paste them into one long post.


Please also write a reflection to go along with your collection of work. This reflection should have two parts:

1. Revising the meaning of open:

Read over your initial post about openness (from the "What does open mean?" section of the course), and think about what has changed in your view between then and now.

Then write another post in which you revisit your earlier view of openness. Has anything changed since you wrote that? What has/has not changed, and why/how?

2. Please complete your reflection by addressing one or more of the following:

  • Explain one or more things you learned during this course that you didn't know before.

  • Explain something that surprised you, or that made you think, or that impacted you in some other significant way.

  • Do you feel you understand "open" better after taking the course?

  • What will your next steps be in terms of openness, whether to learn more about it, to practice openness in some way, or something else?


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