EXTRA: Peer led activities

Hello everybody,

This is a useful opportunity to look back at the course what has been learnt and where any possible gaps are especially if you haven't done this already.

Reflect on the course and the themes we explored together.

What have you learnt? What are you taking forward? Which aspects of the course would you like to explore further? Has the course made a difference to who you are and what you do as a professional?

Share your thoughts in your portfolio using a media-rich approach and the Google plus community to engage in discussions around your learning and development and opportunities to apply to your own practice and consider identifying publication opportunities to share your story further.

Feel free to organise a hangout if you are learning in a group or with a study buddy.

You have reached the end of the course. Stay in touch via the Google + community. Thank you for joining us

The #creativeHE team


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