Wk 3 - Feb. 25

Video for week 3:


Tasks for week 3:

In preparation, please read the suggested readings (above) and discuss with your group:

  • What ideas in the readings interested or resonated with you?
  • How could you apply these ideas to help others learn in your own work, family, or community?

For this week's activity, create an Scratch project about things you like to do, then share it using the links below. If you are new to Scratch, first follow the 4 steps listed under New to Scratch?

Things I Like To Do Activity

1) Create a Scratch project about things you like to do.

2) Share your project on the Scratch website.

3) Add the project to the LCL: What We Like To Do gallery

New to Scratch?

1) For an overview, watch the Scratch Intro Video.

2) Follow the steps for Getting Started with Scratch. You can access helpful resources on the Support page, including Scratch in multiple languages.

3) Download and install the Scratch software.

4) Sign up for a Scratch account so you can share and download projects.

(More resources here.)


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