Wk 5 - Mar. 11

Open Learning

Video for Week 5:



After the readings, discuss:

  • What ideas in the readings interested or resonated with you?

  • Describe an experience where you helped someone learn something--and you learned something in the process.

Teach & Learn = Ask & Answer

1) Go to stackexchange.com/sites and choose a site that you find interesting

2) Post (at least) one question and answer someone else’s question (at least one)

3) Reflect: What aspects of the experience contribute to a sense of a learning community? What aspects limit a sense of community?

Learning Match (extra activity)

1) Think of something you’re willing to teach to another participant in the course. And think of something you would like to learn.

2) Later in the week, we will provide a matching tool to connect teachers and learners.


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