Week 1 - Cheating as Learning (Jan 14-21)

READ THIS FIRST - your unguide to rhizo14 (unless you read it already)

Introductory Video for week 1 from Dave

Link to video

Week 1 Live Session Thursday night 8:30pm Atlantic Time. All information for the Live Session available at this blog post http://davecormier.com/edblog/2014/01/16/rhizo14-live-session-unhangout/

WORLD TIMES http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Rhizo14+Week+1+UnHangout&iso=20140116T2030&p1=286 (Thanks to Jim Stauffer)


  1. Introduce yourself, follow one of the threads of discussion somewhere. Comment on someone's work. Get acclimated.

  2. Week 1 Challenge - Use cheating as a weapon. How can you use the idea of cheating as a tool to take apart the structures that you work in? What does it say about learning? About power? About how you see teaching?

  3. Bonus - Do lots of rhizomatic teaching? Tell us about it


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