Week 12 1/2 MOOC Missionaries (April 10 - ?)

Who can resist Massive?

We have spent a number of weeks investigating power relations.
We have bravely gone down rabbit-holes, lost our certainty, planned for our own obsolescence. We are yet to decide on our research.

In the meantime:

We have awarded badges:

  • Trickster
  • Genius

We have awarded titles

  • Lord MOOC

We have confessed

  • MOOCaholic

We are pushing frontiers...

But are we misled, misguided?
What if we were simply well-meaning missionaries for a neo-liberal colonisation of education, the necessary social glue for the message of Massive (profit)?

George Siemens has blogged his views on neo-liberalism here. enter link description here

Richard Hall responds in his blog here. enter link description here

enter image description here

Here is a trailer for One world, One word, One web. Mission

Who cares for multiple voices in Star bucks?

Le mien est un capuccino...


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