What are alternative metrics?

How do they help paint the bigger picture around influential, open research? Let's find out.

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This is a short peer-based course that introduces learners to the idea of alternative metrics (altmetrics) around research outputs and tools that flex the power of the open web to describe how, when, and where people are talking about science. No programming skills are required to complete the tasks in this course, though most altmetrics tools offer an API for those who prefer to go above and beyond by playing with the code. There are multiple way you can interact with this course:

Not quite sure if this course is for you? Head on over to the learning resource page to take a peek at what all the buzz is about.

This course was developed by a team of volunteers at the Mozilla Festival in 2013, as part of the Science on the Web track organized by the Mozilla Science Lab. For more information about how this course originated, see this blog post.

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