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  • Curso de Induccion Administrativo

    Curso de Induccion Administrativo

    Integrar a los nuevos colaboradores a la organizacion brindandoles informacion general amplia y suficiente sobre los elementos fundamentales de la cultura organizacional y su rol dentro de la empresa.

  • Proceso de admisión, selección e inscripción de la Universidad Panamerica

    Proceso de admisión, selección e inscripción de la Universidad Panamerica

    Es importante para la mejora de los resultados de la gestión administrativa en las instituciones, la definición de procesos que llevan a cabo cada uno de los que participan en el, de esta manera lograr un trabajo colaborativo, para ello es importante cambiar el paradigma de que cada integrante se preocupe y ocupe de hacer sólo su parte, es necesario iniciar el trabajo en red y de esta manera se vea reflejado la participación en conjunto y articulado.

  • Causales de rescision generales

    Causales de rescision generales

    Aplicar las causales de rescisión a fin de evitar contingencias laborales

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    This is a brief course about enterprise resource pplanning.

  • Reclaim a personal space for education online

    Reclaim a personal space for education online

    In this course we will build a personal website together, explore some of the reason for having a personal space online, especially in the educational context, and examine some of the challenges and opportunities provided by participating in online courses like this one. While our focus will be on the expectations of those in the education field, particularly graduate students and instructors, participants from other fields are welcome. Similarly, while we will only cover the particular details of Wordpress and Reclaim Hosting, , the course may be of interest to those who prefer different tools or those interested in technology and online education more generally.

  • Abdiweli dhabbake

    Abdiweli dhabbake

    journalists free

  • Social Enterprise Methodology

    Social Enterprise Methodology

    It's never been easier to go from idea to impact.

  • CCNA


    Preparacion del examen CCNA 2015

  • A Brief Biography of Prophet Mohammed

    A Brief Biography of Prophet Mohammed

    This course is very short biography of prophet Mohammed. In this course we will learn about 4 sectors of his life: (1) Arabs before prophet Mohammed, (2) His birth, childhood and youth, (3) His prophet hood and death, and (4) His effect on the world.

  • Rodeln in Oberbayern

    Rodeln in Oberbayern

    Der Schnee glitzert in der Sonne und knirscht mit jedem Schritt unter den Schuhen. Zwei untrügliche Zeichen für einen perfekten Tag zum Rodeln. Aber wohin? Auf den kleinen Hügel hinter dem Haus? Oder doch lieber auf eine der längsten Rodelstrecken Europas?

  • Open Research 2015

    Open Research 2015

    Join us for a 4-week exploration of researching in the open! This course is aimed at any researcher who wants to conduct an element of their research openly. Interested in how to ethically and openly share your findings so that others can reuse or develop your work? Curious about which open research methods you could use? Or just wanting to find out more about what open research entails?

  • Diviértete con la GENÉTICA

    Diviértete con la GENÉTICA

    Aquí aprenderemos el maravilloso mundo de la GENÉTICA

  • Basic Arguments

    Basic Arguments

    This is a brief course on the basic argument as a portion of the Central Michigan EDU643 course, as a model for High school instruction in Baltimore City Schools.

  • How to make educational video tutorial OR teach online?

    How to make educational video tutorial OR teach online?

    How to make educational video tutorial OR teach online?

  • Get Photos to Art

    Get Photos to Art

    Are you looking for an artist who can turn your photos to art? Do you want a gift art for your special one or family? Don't worry, come to myDaVinci where you will find top professional artists who create custom artwork for you. MyDaVinci is one of the finest online retailing businesses that are specialized in creating personalized artwork and custom cartoon art for you.

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