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    posted message: Greetings all, I am an instructional designer from the University of Michigan and I and my team are interested in exploring badges in the context of professional development for staffers and possibly as evidence of experiential learning in student workers. We are just getting started in our planning. Thanks for this opportunity to learn!
    posted message: Hello Everyone, I'm going to reboot this course. This shouldn't keep anyone from continuing if they desire, and I will stay with you as you progress. The two main reasons for the reboot are; first I believe the course needs to be based upon three rubrics, each aligned with one of the three types of badge systems. Second, I need a simpler more universal badge system as I complete each task as the working example. I will use the Webmaker badge system as the primary example. I believe this is where the peer-2-peer part of this university comes alive. How many of you would like to assist in creating the three new rubrics to guide badge system design? http://criticaltechnology.blogspot.ca/2013/06/badge-system-design-reboot.html
    posted message: Good week everyone. We have now started the third week of the Badge System Design course. We have eight people who have introduced themselves, and have a strong and well informed group. Thanks to everyone for their participation so far. The course will improve because of your participation. We have moved into task 3 where we will be evaluating a variety of badge systems. Comparing the variety of design approaches gives the opportunity to consider different ways organizations have created successful badge systems. This is the first task where a flipped assessment approach begins. Evaluating the work of someone further ahead in the course is an approach I believe will have greater adoption as peer based learning increases. Have a great week!
    posted message: Hello everyone, We have moved into the second week of the facilitated Badge System Design course. We have four active participants... and I am hoping a cohort of lurkers who are also learning as we proceed. This week we move into reviewing how the course is put together and a first look into the rubric in which the course was built around, and provides the foundation for most of the task activities. The fun aspect of this course is I have implemented a flipped assessment, where peers evaluate those further ahead in the course work, all fun! I look forward to engaging with you further. And if other want to join in... you would be welcome. Be well, Peter
    posted message: Sent private messages to all participants today. Let me know how I can assist you getting through this Badge System Design challenge.
    posted message: Welcome to the Badge System Design challenge. This is an eight task challenge that encourages you; 1) to explore existing badge systems 2) do a deep study into a rubric that guides badge systems design 3) review and provide feedback to your peers also studying badge system design 4) design and create your own badge system During the next eight weeks (starting June 1st) I will be facilitating this P2Pu Challenge as a course where I will engage each participant to complete the challenge. I look forward to deepening all our understanding of badge system design. Sincerely, Peter

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