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A view from above

There are many criteria to creating a good badge system design. A look into all the criteria provides a good overview of a complete badge system.

During this task you will be focused on assessing the badge system design rubric designed to assist and guide people through the development of a badge system. The rubric is designed to prompt thinking and good badge system design. The goal of this task is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the rubric.

To complete this task complete the following two activities;

  1. Choose one criteria row and one performance column from the rubric. Write a paragraph or two describing your understanding, the strengths and opportunities of your chosen row and chosen column. Write a blog post or add to this tasks discussion.
  2. Read forward to the discussion and completed activities within task 6. Provide a peer assessment of one of the other participants comparing and contrasting three performance squares for one criteria row from within the rubric. Write a blog post or add to this tasks discussion.

Task Discussion

  • Jason said:

    Although the rubric is now being redesigned, I will press on with the tasks as they existed when I started 301.  

    Column - Working

    This column is the one that made the most sense to me.  Actually, I had difficulties with both the notable and exemplary columns ' beyond' it.  This was because it seems to me that the rubric definitions for columns to the left of working almost invariably include criteria which refer to the acceptance of various aspects of the badge system by external entities.  While credibility and acceptance in the wider world is key to the long term success of open badges as a whole, it seems to me that things assessed through something like the badge system rubric ought to be internal to the badge system.  The working column by and large does that, and I feel that in that respect, it is the most useful of the rubric achievement levels.  In order to truly assess the badge system itself, the notable and exmplary levels need to be redefined without reference to the external perception of the system.

    Row- development Team

    While this row, to it's credit, brings attention to the importance of badge system development not being a one person show, it unfortunately seems to focus on the number of people involved rather than on breadth/diversity of perspective/experience. At the working level, the standard does at least mention what some of the diverse skill sets might be.  It's also notable that there isn't a notable or exceptional standard for this area.  The standard would be improved by shifting the focus from head count to a clear statement at all levels of the kinds of diversity which should be present.

    on June 26, 2013, 12:11 p.m.
  • Peter Rawsthorne said:

    I have written two blog posts as my response to the first activity within this task. I chose the review the criteria row from the rubric and the introductory column. I kept it simple and identified only one strength and opportunity for each review. These two posts can be found on my blog;

    1. my criteria row review;
    2. my introductory column review;

    Any feedback on my approach to these reviews would be most appreciated. Be well...

    on June 7, 2013, 10:56 a.m.