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Culture and Politics: Brown Berets and Young Lords

Find three articles online about the Brown Berets, Young Lords, or other revolutionary Chican@, Puerto Rican, or Latin@ groups that began their work in the 60s. Read them and then post a comment to the discussion.  Share your sources and at least two things that you learned.

Task Discussion

  • Gabriel said:

    I looked at these articles:

    Reflections of a Chicano Brown Beret

    Palante! A Brief History of the Young Lords

    Ideology of the Young Lords

    I learned that the Brown Berets are still operating, after a long hiatus. I hadn't realized that, or that they have taken a leadership role in stopping violence within Chican@ communities. 

    I also learned that according to at least this one publication of theirs, the Young Lords had a big focus on learning history. The publication broke down dialectic materialism. I'm still not sure I totally understand it, but I feel a bit closer. 

    on Dec. 8, 2014, 8:49 p.m.