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Reading: Explore web sites

Find at least two web sites that are in both English and Spanish (for example, the Latino Commission on AIDS web site and parts of the New York State courts web site are in both English and Spanish). Try looking at a page in Spanish, first. See if you can figure out anything about the meaning. Use cognates, context, and what you’ve learned so far to make guesses. Toggle the web site to English and read it. Then go back to the Spanish. Now that you know the overall idea, try deciphering the Spanish again.

Post a comment in task discussion letting us know which web sites you used, how it went, and what questions you have. Take a look at other people's comments and try to answer any questions you can.

Task Discussion

  • Gabriel said:

    I looked at two very short pages. The first,, was very easy. It was about HIV testing. The words were easy to guess, and there were no surprises.

    This one, about a program to fill out an answer in an eviction case, was much harder. I didn't know a lot of the terms, and forgot them even right after reading them in English. But I still understood parts, especially the ones after the bullets.

    on Feb. 16, 2015, 6:09 p.m.