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Star Trek, predictive programming and indoctrination

Watch "StarTrek" from the beginning episodes up to the present, and you will begin to realize that it was an indoctrination into the concepts of socialism through subliminal initiation of the youth of the nation. The Captains James T. Kirk (JTK = K(nights) (of the) T(emple) (of) J(erusalem) and Christopher Pike are symbolic salutes to the Order of the Templars, and to the Brotherhoods greatest philosopher and probably its most prolific writer the Christed General Albert Pike. The Enterprise represents their great work or plan which if navigated properly will lead them to the realization of their dream of a united socialist utopian world.

Those who understand the symbolic language will have noticed that the most recent Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award Ceremony recognized the coming of the New Dawn. The rising Sun on the backdrop and the two triple crowns of the Mysteries representing the Trinity of Osiris, Isis, and the child Horus were revealing. Trooping before it were the Stars, some of the thousand points of light, who make the movies that mold the minds of the sheople, creating the future world.(William cooper, 1997) extract taken from majestytwelve

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Alan Watt was well aware that Star Trek was aimed at indoctrinating the masses.
The first episode was in 1967 and it continues today.
It is responsible for the brainwashing of whole generation.
Alan Watt says the following:

Alan: The Borg is ‘B-org’, Original “Bee”. It’s the bee that they want to create for the hive; and it’s no mistake on the Star Trek series, the Borg ship was called the hive and it was a squared – it was a cube, which is the ashlar, the perfect squared stone of Freemasonry, the perfect society.
Vyzygoth: It’s pretty well known that that whole series, the first one ever, Star Trek was born out of a Mason – Gene Roddenberry.
Alan: It’s red berry. I mean even his name is the red berry (Rhoden) from the Greeks, so it’s the red berry and it’s gene, the gene of the red berry. It’s quite telling. However, he was also a member of NASA and he went to the main meetings and this is called ‘predictive programming’ and his job was to take – NASA was going to take the public and NASA's job isn’t just traveling in space. It’s primarily satellites which will monitor and eventually control all of us. That’s their real job.
He was told to write stories around that to change the culture of the public, and the Star Trek series was the federation of a Council of 12, the Cabbalistic Council of 12 and travel through space and bring everybody into a free galactic trade, free trade; and those nations or planets which wouldn’t join them were bad guys. Always nasty guys and the ones who did join were always nice and pleasant; and of course, all the aliens were really multiculturalism and how they should all get on together if they really tried. This was how they program the children for what’s coming on earth.
Vyzygoth: A few things that are very interesting: One, of course, the very first or the pilot show for Star Trek involved the court marshal of Captain Pike; and Pike is obviously not a coincidence.
Alan: No.
Vyzygoth: And secondly, I’ve got to tell you. I saw a newsreel. We talked about this probably two years ago, but there’s a newsreel about the beginning of the United Nations and how the Rockefellers granted land on the east side of Manhattan for it. Well, when they’re playing the backdrop music, I kid you not and I really should send it to you so you could hear this for yourself. The strains of the music back in that 1948 or 1949 newsreel underneath this whole segment about the creation of the United Nations is exactly the strain from Roddenberry’s Star Trek theme. Now he’s credited with writing that music so I can only assume that either he borrowed or, believe me if you hear it there’s no doubt you can see the whole thing with the ship, you know the man in the last frontier and it’s amazing.
Alan: Even the name Enterprise is from “bless us on this enterprise.” It’s the same thing.

So how does this relate to the certification?
You need to be aware that there is a method as to how the illuminati prepare us for future events through sci-fi or hollywood films.
The themes in the films prepare us for what the NWO has in store for us.
You need to be able to cite Alan Watt as being quite expert on the mechanics of predictive progamming.

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