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Test # 1

Answer the following questions.

Qu. 1)
Which conspiracy theory links these quotes?
After her inquest he said to reporters
"I am not talking to you, you are bloody idiot, you are part of the establishment, you work for MI6".
During her inquest he referred to the British Royal family as the "Dracula family".
During her inquest he referred to Camilla as "a crocodile".
"They cleared the decks. They finished her, they murdered her and now he is happy. He married his crocodile wife and he is happy with that."
"It was a slaughter. Not murder."

Which conspiracy was he talking about?

Answer: ___________________

Qu 2.)
What conspiracy theory does this refer to?

Buzz punches a conspiracy theorist after the the conspiracist said
" said you walked on the moon, when you didn't"
“You’re a coward,” he exclaimed, “and a liar, ...”
At that point, Aldrin (age 72) landed a spirited punch

Which conspiracy was he talking about?

Answer: ___________________

Qu 3.)
Here is a transcript of part of an interview with a conspiracy theorist.

Interviewer: What quantities are we talking about?

Harrit: A lot. There were only two planes, but three skyscrapers collapsed. We know roughly how much dust was created. The pictures show huge quantities, everything but the steel was pulverized. And we know roughly how much unreacted thermite we have found. This is the "loaded gun": material that did not ignite for some reason. We are talking about tonnes. Over 10 tonnes, possibly 100 tonnes.

Interviewer: Ten tonnes, possibly 100 tonnes, in three buildings? And these substances are not normally found in such buildings?

Which conspiracy was he talking about?

Answer: ___________________

How did you do?


Q1-Princess Diana murdered by MI6

Q2-The fake moon landings which were filmed in Stanley Kubrik's studio by the CIA.

Q3-The controlled demolition of the twin towers using tons of thermite.

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