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Full Description

As teachers, summer is a great time for you to review, reflect and plan for the upcoming school year. Brush up on up-to-date methods of creative teaching with Glogster EDU so you can implement Creative Learning in your 2012-2013 school year plan.

Glogster EDU is a truly unique online educational tool that utilizes video, sound, recordings, text, data, and images to create “Glogs™,"or online posters.

These posters empower students to express their knowledge of a subject creatively, as well as gain the confidence needed to present this topic in front of their peers.




Module 1 - The Starter Kit

  • Are You Ready to Remix the Web? - eLearning 3.0
  • Creative Commons Licenses or Fair Use of Web Content
  • Community of Students - Building confidence and excitement!


Module 2   - Let’s Create a Glog - Choose Your Own Theme

  • Working with Texts.
  • Working with Images.
  • Working with Video and Audio.
  • Linking Resources.
  • Add a Drawing.
  • Share it!


Module 3 - EDU - Implement Glogster EDU in Your Educational Process

  • Student Management
  • Creating and Working with Classes
  • Creating and Working with Projects
  • Creating and Working with Presentations
  • How do I Assign a Grade or Provide Feedback for Finished Glogs?

Task Discussion