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Task Discussion

  • vhinkle   Aug. 10, 2012, 3:36 p.m.

    OK, watched tutorials on the glogster-edu site and made 2 glogs:

    1st attempt, very simple, using only glogsters graphics:

    2nd attempt, with links & videos, but using only my own photos:


    Question: How should my students and I credit photos we find on Creative Commons?

  • vhinkle   Aug. 2, 2012, 12:20 p.m.

    For this task, I've been unable to make the instructional videos play on the linked glog.  Suggestions? Thanks.


  • Deena Kelly   July 27, 2012, 12:11 p.m.

    Exactly Kate,

    If you use Glogster as the end product for your lesson assignment or project, then they will have done all their writing, planning research and data gathering prior to Glog creation. They do love to tweak and play, so clear objectives and timeline will set them up for success. 

  • Kate   July 27, 2012, 12:05 p.m.

    This is pretty cool--I made this glog a "favorite" so that my students can use it as well.

    I'm thinking a lot about how to make sure students aren't just playing with images/video and color.   I need my students to read carefully and write about what they have learned using details.   I'm going to try to incorporate a glog into each unit this year--some very simple, others long term projects.