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Chapters 6 through 8: Building the Basics

Start on CLFS Book page 47

As per the previous task, you'll be working mostly with the book for this task. Start on page 47 (that's a book page; add 13 if you're counting from the front cover, so it's really page 60). Here's a link to the book,

For the purpose of this challenge, you should follow the "if you are going to chroot" instructions if you are building on Linux, and the "if you are going to boot" instructions otherwise. If you are on MinGW, Darwin, or BSD, you should skip to the second-to-last task and then come back to this one when you reach section 6.32, "To Boot or Chroot?".

And here's some spec files for reference:

(or at least there will be soon ;)

More specs are on the way as I test them on my Windows and Slackware machines. In the meantime, here's a tarball containing everything I had the last time I built CLFS. Most of it hasn't changed since 2010:

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