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X Windows


So you've got a brand new spiffy operating system! Go you! But chances are you're going to want to use your computer for things like browsing the web, playing games, working on office documents ... you know, computer stuff. And most of that requires graphics. So in this task, I'll walk you through building a couple - okay that's a lie, a lot of - CBLFS packages, and then Xorg's X11 window manager. We'll be using an automatic install script; building Xorg can easily be as complicated as building your OS was if not more otherwise.

That build script is located right here:

But before you run it, you'll want to scroll up a little bit. Stop scrolling when you see the words "Required Tools". Yikes, that's a lot of dependencies! Here I'll provide CBLFS links to all the dependencies; please refer to the CBLFS task for more information if you need it, but you should be a good enough packager by now that a little bit of copying and pasting will be all you'll need. If a package has dependencies, they'll be listed at a higher indent level; git (which you may already have) for instance depends on curl and expat.


Once you've got all that (TODO: I'll put some specs up here for reference later), you can build X11 with the following commands:

~ cd $HOME/clfs/sources
git clone git:// util/modular
./util/modular/ --clone $HOME/clfs/build

Task Discussion