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Case Study: Ozone House

Here, we'll walk you through a data needs assessment with Ozone House, a nonprofit that works with at-risk youth.

You can find others' comments, questions and datasets online at:


Q1: What are the rates of high school graduation/GED completion in the county?

  • What is Ozone House's impact on this?
  • How many people graduate high school or complete a GED while with Ozone House?

Q2: Find numbers that define the scope of youth homelessness and at-risk of being homeless in Washtenaw County.

  • What % of this population does Ozone come into contact with?
  • What % does Ozone serve?

Q3: How much does it “cost” a taxpayer when a young person goes into the system? System(s)?

  • Social welfare system (depends on the ages); younger pop go through foster systems older ones fall into justice system
  • DHS (includes food stamps, cash assistance, WIC, Medicaid recipients, Washtenaw Health Plan (medical and prescription drug insurance)
  • School system: if not attending, not as many eyes watching them, truancy, school lunches, clothing assistance

Q4: What are the youth unemployment rates in Washtenaw County, both in general and specifically among homeless youth?

Task Discussion