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Data Evaluation

What are the two types of data needs? What are the two sources of data?
  • 2 Types of Data Needs:
  • One Time Data Need: This is something you can do at the Data Dive. There is no need to worry about reproducibility or the organization's access to tools or know-how.
  • Recurring Data Need: A recurring data need would involve data that is continually updated or requires new analysis depending on changing conditions (this could be daily, monthly or even yearly). When making recommendations about recurring data needs the most important thing is to make sure any process you suggest is realistic to implement by the organization


  • 2 Data Sources
  • Internally Produced: Data produced as a byproduct of normal operations (e.g. Intake surveys, server logs, financial information) or data produced as part of regular reporting (e.g. Annual Survey). This may be a place that you can recommend structures and organization schemes that may be helpful (we will talk more about that in the second Data Jam)
  • Externally Produced: Data produced by other organizations that is often publicly available. This would include anything from state or local information to Census Data and beyond.


Task Discussion