This course will become read-only in the near future. Tell us at if that is a problem.

Getting started [Nov. 29, 2011, 7:41 p.m.]

The initial premise of this course was to remix some existing materials from an open math textbook (see especially chapters 5-7) into a Moodle course, adding more multimedia and interactive materials along the way.

You can sign into the Moodle course as a guest, but we'd like everyone to be able to edit it as well, so send me your email address to get a username and password for this.

Also, once you get signed in, you might check out the "builder's forum" discussion group there to see what's been done and some ideas of what needs to be done.

Then perhaps we all could post some initial thoughts here about:

  • How the premise of this sound to you?
  • What parts might you like to focus on?
  • What else should we be thinking about for this project?