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Create your own learning journey day...

This is a long term task open to anyone interested... We want you to join us on the exploration of Learning from the World in Motion by creating your own learning adventure for a few hours, a day, a week, or longer (depending on what kind of time you can commit).

Pick something you are interested in but haven't taken the time to learn about. Maybe it's your own local food system, or how to make a really good cup of coffee, or string theory, or astrophysics, or creative writing. It could be anything. Then design an experience for yourself to learn more about that subject. Try to make the adventure as cheap or free as possible. Who could you talk to to learn more about the subject? What are the questions you want to ask? Where could you access the kinds of information you're looking for? What places could you visit and explore... and are they nearby?

THEN come back to the site and let us all know what you did. What were your challenges? Did you feel it was possible to learn what you wanted? Did you feel energized or exhausted by the experience? Do you have tips for others looking to do the same thing? Post your response as a comment on this task.

Anyone interested in doing this should try to do it before the end of August. This will allow us to all share (perhaps by phone or Skype) our experiences.

Task Discussion

  • BeeHill   Aug. 10, 2011, 4:25 p.m.

    The Northwest has an incredibly diverse population of Craft Breweries. While bicycling through for our project I've decided to dedicate periods of time to learn more about the craft brewing process and business. This includes visiting local Breweries, speaking with Brew Masters and Bar Tenders, enrolling in the online Brewers Association certificate course and of course, trying lots of different beers. I'll plan to wrap up a final reflection for this task while in Portland, OR. Cheers!

  • AJC   July 26, 2011, 12:20 a.m.

    I'm currently working towards my permaculture design certification. This weekend I'll be heading out into the woods with my instructors to build degradable infrastructure for a folk festival that happens outside Portland. I'm very excited as I've never built large infrastucture using only found materials, nor designed path planning for large-scale movements of people though an otherwise wildernessy landscape. I'd like this to count as my learning adventure for this task. I will certainly update!!