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Definitions & Concepts Week 1

        I.            Week 1 Definitions & Concepts to be completed 1 day after you initially get the terms and/or concepts: You must provide a written description in your own words of the following:

a.       Progressive Enhancement - strategty in which a website is designed to be "read" by the most basic browser and then enhanced by css styles or javascript to be "read" by more enhanced browsers.

b.      Difference between Block Level Element and Inline Level Element.

Block level elements are either elements by themselves or include inline elements and begin new lines of text. Inline elements are included in a block level element and do not begin new line of text.

c.       Difference between visibility hidden and display none

visibility: hidden hides element but takes up space in layout; display: none hides element and does not take up space in layout

d.      Cross-Browser Compatibility

Ability for a website to function correctly across all browsers.

e.      Version or Source Control

Changes to documents, programs, large web sites and other information stored as computer files.

f.        Explain what is Server Side and Client Side code

Client side: code that is run on the client side, does not require any requests from a server.

Server Side: displays data that is retrieved from a server.

g.       What is A.J.A.X.?

 i.      Bonus give an obvious example of an A.J.A.X application

ii.      Who was the first organization to use AJAX Microsoft or Netscape?

A group of applications used in conjunction with each other to make it possible for a user request data without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page instead of constant page reloads.An example of an ajax application would  be javascript. The first organization to use ajax was Microsoft.

h.      What is a CSS Media Query?

Media queries restyle the webpage to correctly display to the user's device.

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