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Lesson 1: The Intro

Let's get started learning about modern electronics!

Lecture 1 Lesson Page -

This lesson focuses on explaining the goals of this course and giving you a general feeling for how the lectures will be given (so it's only 6 minutes long). The lesson page contains additional downloadable information like homework, schematics and formulas.

Discussion is open, so please let us hear the answers to your homework either here on P2PU or in our forums. Or, if you have other questions, shout them out loud!

Task Discussion

  • STLShawn said:

    So far, seems like a great course.  

    The pages are actually at Pyroelectro, but they seem legit enough to trust.  They seem to have their own forums and whatnot instead of using the P2PU site.

    I am not sure if i am going to order the parts needed for the labs and experiments online, or just hit the local electronics parts store.  Really just depends on what sort of pricing vs convenience issues i have (Granted, the online option seems to be the best, as it is the exact parts for the course, and seems cheap enough).

    Anyway, Diving In cheeky

    Wish me luck....... GERONIMO!

    on Oct. 29, 2012, 10:32 p.m.

    Chris @ said:

    Yea, I decided to host the courses on so I have more control over how all the content is delivered and each course will be posted live weekly, on every thursday.

    The parts used in the course can be found at radio shack (if you're in the usa) or other places online. You can always wait past the first few lessons to see if you reall want to get the parts to perform some of the experiments in the video. Hands-on is how you really learn!

    on Oct. 30, 2012, 2:13 p.m. in reply to STLShawn

    STLShawn said:

    Ahhhh true, and i want to learn and play with the actual electronic goodies :)


    Ya know, it's no different than if you were going to take a programming course, you would probably want a computer, or a cooking course in wich you would probably want to buy some kitchen wares.


    Anyway, course one was fantastic. Lots of notes taken while pausing the video, the electric calculations graphic was printed out just so i can learn to reproduce it by hand, and it looks like this class will be a blast. (I'll be well on my way to building my army of electronic minions soon muahahaha).


    Thanks so much Chris for doing this course. Top notch.

    on Oct. 30, 2012, 3:11 p.m. in reply to Chris @