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Lesson 2: Electricity

Zap Zap! You've heard of it, now learn what it is in plain english!


Lecture 2 Lesson Page -

The fundamental element of all things electrical is electricity, hopefully that fact is not very surprising to you. This lesson explains what electricity is in plain english, how we describe it mathematically and also how you can see the effect electricity has on the devices you use everyday. The lesson page contains additional downloadable information like homework, schematics and formulas.

Discussion is open, so please let us hear the answers to your homework either here on P2PU or in our forums. Or, if you have other questions, shout them out loud!

Task Discussion

  • Chris @ said:

    Thanks again for the kind words Shawn. I'm Glad the lectures are helping you learn!

    A general reminder to everyone:


    I hope you enjoyed the previous lesson and offline activities for the Electricity  lecture! This week our lecture topic will be about "The Resistor."

    Look for a message on Thursday (11/8) when we release the class details and update the lesson webpage!

    on Nov. 7, 2012, 12:48 a.m.
  • STLShawn said:

    Wonderful 2nd class.  Video is very descriptive, and i love following along and beating on my space bar to pause while i take notes.  I had a teacher who said "write notes with your hands, not your keyboard or your phone. When you write with your hand, you write into your brain". (I was saying that with a thick eastern European accent, if you couldn't tell).

    I do want to remind everyone, click on the things under the video (Formulas and schematics in particular) for more information that can help with the homework questions, and provide some wonderful extra information.


    Looking forward to Lesson 3 :)


    on Nov. 3, 2012, 11:03 p.m.