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Books to Study

The course bibliography; some book subjects may be redundant. Read the books (or appropriate chapters), do the exercices when included, make a summary of each chapter read.

A. Holden, The Nature of Solids, Dover 1992 (Chapters XII-XIV)

J. Atwood, J. Steed, Organic Nanostructures, Wiley 2008

U. Mishra, J. Sing, Semiconductor Device physics and Design, Springer 2008

J. Gersten, F. Smith, The Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Wiley 2001 (Chapters W7, W11, W14, W19, W20.7, W21)

R. Kelsall et all., Nanoscale Science and Technology, Wiley 2005 (Chapters 3, 6 and 8)

C. Woll, Physical and Chemical Aspects of Organic Electronics, Wiley 2009

B. Pignataro, Tomorrow's Chemistry Today, Wiley 2008 (Chapters 4 and 8)

R. Shinar, J. Shinar, Organic Electronics in Sensors and Biotechnology, McGraw-Hill 2009

Z. Sekkat, W. Knoll, Photoreactive Organic Thin Films, Elsevier 2002

Task Discussion