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Completion of a PhD requires a significant reseach project or major contribution to your chosen knowledge domain.

Describe your existing proven research skills and abilities or how you intend on developing critical thinking and research skills. The main point is to have the required research skills and knowledge to successfully complete a PhD level of work. If you don't already have these skills, how are you going to develop them.

Provide a summary of the research methodologies you believe are applicable to your area of research. This list may change or be narrowed to one as your research project is clarified and has been reviewed by your peers and mentors.

Provide the following to complete this task;

  • Evidence toward your proven research skills, or
  • A learning plan to develop the required research skills.
  • A summary of the applicable research methodologies and how they would apply to your research endeavour.
  • Evidence of a preparedness to follow ethical boundaries in research work, with a process that obtains formal clearance deemed ideal, given the scope of your project.

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