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Seek supervision and endorsements

Identify the people in your learning network who are going to assist on your learning journey and help you get to finished..

Identifying the people who will assist in your getting to completion is very important. These people will provide candid feedback, be your peers, provide supervision and be your cheerleaders. This cohort should include both peers and mentors. They should not necessarily be existing PhD's, yet as a collection of supporters be able to provide all you need as guidance during this journey to completing a ONPhD.

Create a blog post, wiki or web page dedicated to your supervisory team. Detail why you believe the team is appropriate to supervise you to completion.

This information described should be accompanied with evidence of offers of supervision from qualified researchers. Letters supporting their supervision plan, and evidence of reviews given on their prior supervisory work. Other people in your collective of supporters should also provide endorsement through a published online endorsement.

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