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High-Level Roadmap

From paragogy-latest.pdf by Joseph Corneli and Charles Jeffrey Danoff.

  1. Review what was supposed to happen.
    At one time, the high-level vision was arguably a Declaration of Independence from Formal Education. But perhaps each participant has their own vision.

  2. Establish what happened.
    At the time of this writing, the P2PU organization is just convening its first board meeting: perhaps that is where the high-level vision and roadmap will be set. For the moment, it’s not clear whether the vision has shifted, digressed, or stayed right on target.

  3. Determine what was right or wrong with what happened.
    There hasn’t been clear communication about progress.

  4. Determine how the task should be done differently the next time.
    P2PU should build an explicit public roadmap that leads from now up to the point where the vision is achieved. They should do regular or ongoing open/public assessments of quality, and refine or adjust the vision as needed.

Task Discussion