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Text Editors

was planning to use notepad++ just because I have heard it before and not having an idea of what an IDE is, might have downloaded eclipse once.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe several benefits of using a programming text editor .
  • Identify one or more programming text editors that run on your Operating System.
  • Describe the concept/benefits of using an Integrated Development Environment.
  • Identify some similaritites and differences between a Programming Text Editor and an Integrated Development Environment.
  • List at least one Integrated Development Environment that runs on your Operating System.
  • Choose a programming text editor and/or Integrated Development tool to use during this course.
  • Describe why you chose your current programming tool and share this description with the class.


For the purpose of this course, you may use the IDLE development tool that ships with Python.

Mac users: Please read these instructions to make sure that your system has IDLE installed.

Libre/Open Source programming tools

This is a list of Free/Open Source text editors with Python compatibility.

Task Discussion