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Server Installation


Learn how to install a web server stack.


Installing a web server 'stack'

In order to work with Drupal, you will need to install several baseline components. These components are common to many web hosts, and are free/open source software (meaning you have the freedom to use the software, and inspect/modify it to meet your needs). Depending on your Operating System (OS), you will have a slightly different experience when installing the necessary components.

The specific components we will be using in this course, and which are very common in Drupal development, consist of:

Skip to the section below that matches your chosen OS.


Many GNU/Linux  systems make it easy to install the necessary components. Depending on your flavor of GNU/Linux, you may have slightly different commands.

Apache Friends has a XAMPP quick installer for GNU/Linux.


In a terminal, paste the following command:

sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server phpmyadmin

Macintosh OSX

Apache Friends offers a XAMPP quick installer for Macintosh.

Alternatively, there a one-click installer for Mac, called MAMP.

Microsoft Windows

Apache Friends offers a XAMPP quick installer for Windows.


If you have any difficulties with the installation, please let us know by commenting on this page.

Task Discussion