posted message: The guy's website (I think his name is Adam) I pointed you to is pretty good imo once you get past his locker room humor. I flew through his tutorials and am now confident in building a social network. Sure I may not know all the bells and whistles yet like groups and news feeds and what not, but I do know how to create a basic social network with profiles, a twitter like feed, private messaging, photo albums, forums, member search, google map integration and a whole bunch of other stuff thanks to that dude. I really do hope Kalob comes back and finish what he started. I hate leaving stuff half finished, although with what I learned, I could probably finish a good portion of this tutorial on my own. I just want different perspectives.
posted message: Since it looks like this project is all but abandoned, I've been learning how to put together a social network at this guy's site: Imo, the tutorials are pretty good as he goes pretty in depth about explaining the concepts used to create applications in php. He doesn't just show you how to do a social network, but also php image manipulation, E-Commerce, constructing a CMS, and a crap load of tutorials on Flash and Javascript. It's not a facebook clone, but with it, you can probably construct your own when all is said and done. He's also pretty funny too.
posted message: Is this thing still going on?