posted message: Did anyone receive the message about the new meeting time for the Blogging group on Mondays? Let's try again next week! I hope to see you there - or if you can't attend to read a comment on the task page.
posted message: Are any Blogging and Writing for the Web participants receiving messages via the Activity Wall (like this?) Please let me know - I sent a message on Sept 25 and received no replies from anyone!
posted message: I have a feeling this group will be more useful if we create a specific schedule and goals for set amount of time. We started off really well, but without enough structure we've lost focus! The group is also very large now and there seems to be a lot of interest in some more professional blogging type tasks to work through. I'd like to see what we can achieve before mid-December. Let's spend the next three weeks thinking about some tangible goals for the group and meet up in mid- October to work out a specific plan for the remaining 8 weeks?
posted message: I'd like to wrap up this iteration of the Deschooling Society book group by mid December. My printout of the book is feeling lonely and needs intensified attention! It would be great if a second version of the group began in 2012 - but there are other books I'd like to run a study group around! I propose that we accept signups until mid October and have a couple of voice meetings to properly meet each other. I think it would also be great if we could identify a [small] final project that we all commit to completing. Maybe we could identify another book to run a similar, but slightly more organised book group around?
posted message: Hi Everyone, apologies about the lack of activity in the Philosophy of Friendship group, I've been busy with formal study and work commitments and didn't realise that the group was listed as active and getting so much attention! It's really great to see so much support from people interested in this topic - unfortunately I can't commit much time to this group until mid October. If you're happy to wait until then we can start actively exploring these ideas together. If you'd like to totally take over and drive this topic yourself sooner, please let me know! I hope you understand that at the moment I can't make this commitment. Best wishes, Pippa
posted message: Thanks to Wanderman for helping to process the outstanding sign-ups!
posted message: Hi, as there's a lot of interesting (and interested) new participants in this group, there is an increasing range of interests and goals. We should collectively identify how best to organise the group and how responsibilities are shared. It will be easiest to do this if we can organise another call. Can you list your name underneath your preferred call times on the Etherpad? The time with the most names will be used to organise the next call. The call is not compulsory, but it's a great way to meet other participants and have your opinion shared. Let me know what time is best! Pippa