1c-Make/hack/play in the physical world

In this activity, we are going to make something! Not something in the computer, but something in the real world.

What you make is up to you. Below are some suggestions, but you should also feel free to come up with your own idea (and if you do, you might want to post it in this make bank for others to try).

enter image description here

Leave a message in the comments below with a picture and short description of what you made. What did you learn?

Here are some ideas for "real world" maker projects you might do: (Note: In this mini-course, lists of possible activities will be roughly listed from less to more ambitious so that you can gauge the rough amount of time required based and choose based on your interest.)

handmade paper

making paper

After you finish this activity, don't forget to submit your reflections for your HP Catalyst badge credit.

submit a reflection for your badge credit


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