It's often said that "there are no new stories." Future creativity draws on the past. Stories, movies, product innovations, new ways to deliver products and services all draw inspiration from work that has come before.

In this activity, we are going to remix something. It could be a digital remix of music or a web page. Or it could be a physical remix like changing up a recipe or altering a sewing pattern.

early reading ebook

an early reading ebook made from remixed content

hands-on activity

Here are some ideas of how you might remix another creative work. As always, you can also make up your own remix project. Make sure to post a description. link, and/or picture of what you did here.

  • Take a recipe and remix it to be more appropriate to what you like or have on hand
  • Remix a "make" from the make bank. (You might modify it to use with your own students.)
  • Remix someone else's lesson plan. (As good teachers, we do this all the time. Open licensed lesson plans and related tools from groups like Curriki make this even easier.)
  • Remix some great open licensed content into an ebook
  • Remix a video or music (preferably using open-licensed content from places like ccMixter for music or Vimeo or YouTube for video, specifying a search filter for Creative Commons licensed works. YouTube now lets you remix Creative Commons videos with tools right on the site.)
  • Remix web content using X-ray Goggles, Thimble, or Popcorn
  • Remix a Scratch project. (If you're new to Scratch, a good way to start is to choose a starter project and then click See Inside and Remix to make a copy for yourself.)
  • Remix a P2PU course. (Each course has a "Clone course" button for just this purpose.)

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