1b-Why make/hack/play?

Watch one or more of these videos that talk about the maker movement and how it relates to education. (Some of these videos are a bit long, but where possible we've indicated certain parts that might be of most interest. Feel free to watch just a few minutes or more.)

Can DIY Movement Fix a Crisis in U.S. Science Education?, from PBS NewsHour

(See especially the segment starting at 2:40)

Make/Hack/Play - Lenses for Learning, from Bud Hunt

"Evey Child a Maker," from AnnMarie Thomas

Inspiring a Maker Movement, from CNN

Making the Case for Making in Schools from the K-12 Online conference

(You can also use this Vialogue to discuss this video with others.)

Visioning New Curriculum, from K12 Online and Karen Fasimpaur


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