posted message: When I started p2pu it was scary to post my thoughts and reflections (you can find 'post comment' in the top right-hand corner of each task), but the feedback you get is very helpful. I would say this P2P support is the most important for your development and learning! In the 'Introductions' (under Tasks) you will post some ideas about your Learning Resource, from our previous course you can find some examples of how Web Tools can be used in your own learning ( and in this course you will try to help others to learn!
posted message: We are entering the course wrap-up during our sixth week with 'Evaluation & Feedback'. In week five we have released three light blue ‘CommunityBadges’: -Supporter (A person who supports, promotes, advocates or champions a cause or movement) -Contributor (A person who backs, supports or champions a cause, activity or institution) -Scholar (A specialist in a particular branch of knowledge) Followers are welcome to claim the Supporter Commuity Badge!
posted message: EduToolkit will be shaped into an NGO to achieve the mission (still under development) and some content will be mirroring the Change MOOC ( similar to a study group or cluster of participants.
posted message: On Monday 23/1 we are entering the second week of the eduToolkit course at P2PU. There has been interest in where this initiative for 'Teachers Open Online Learning' originates from and who is behind it. eduToolkit started as an idea during my 'Eastern European' scholarship, with the aim to 'leapfrog' networked literacy in developing countries. The “Education Modernization Project" in Bulgaria was closed down due to lack of funding, but it was clear that in-service teachers still want to develop and keep abreast with new technology. I now encourage all participants and followers to declare your own ‘learning objectives’, then the Opportunities (2.1), Challenges (2.2) and Changed Practice (2.3) will become more clear.
posted message: Welcome to EduToolkit spring 2012! The first four weeks will focus on Orient - Declare - Network and Cluster - Focus. Every participant and follower are welcome to identify changes to the traditional way of teaching and new skills for professional development. There is no 'right way' to participate, my belief is that 'Activity = Outcome' and 'Action = Event'. Let me know how the course will create value for your!
posted message: The course is now open for registration!
posted message: This Peer-2-Peer educational course will start in January 2012, syllabus and open course materials will be available on The subject will be Teachers Open Online Learning for professional development with recognition based on a 'Badge System'. Please sign up or contact me on Kind regards, Jonas Backelin