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    posted message: Hello Everyone , just wanted to say my name is Jaynique , But friends & Family call me Niqque.
    posted message: It appears there is no longer a #Students on the linked page. A couple people wrote a message after the first section of the article but I'm sure those are mistakes. Can someone help me figure out the step following create an account?
    posted message: Hi everyone, Sorry for pushing things forward, but the suggested schedule includes: 10/13 - Verifiability, sources, references - WEEKLY GOALS: Contributing research and content. 10/20 - Peer-assessment, collaboration - WEEKLY GOALS: How to improve? Do it! I've not been to the Thursday chat and hopefully we can agree/share a common subject in this forum and start the next task... any comments?
    posted message: Hey folks, the chat is growing each week! Join us on Thursdays at 7pm at http://p2pu.org/chat/ As a goal for this week, let's leave a substantial comment, resource, reference/citation, or even an edit on some article that we'd like to pursue major edits on. Then we can touch base at the beginning of next week!
    posted message: All right, folks, for this first week, let's get together at 7pm PST in the text-based chatroom on P2PU: http://p2pu.org/en/chat/ If you cannot make it, please send me a message! We will be scheduling the rest of our weekly check-ins tonight, so I need your input. I've been dabbling with several online group video chat services, but want to get your input before we pick one. Many use flash, so let me know if that does not work for you.
    posted message: Hey folks! There's a few of us. I've done some advertising to my social network, but I'd like to share the course a bit wider starting this week. Please send a brief e-mail or social media post of your choosing to folks you think may be interested. Many thanks! Sample: Starting Sept 22, I'm participating in a free, Peer-to-Peer University (P2PU) course for anyone who wants to learn how to edit Wikipedia! The idea is to aim for "Featured Article" quality just to find out what it may take--and if we fall short, we still have learned and done quite a bit! It's going to last 10 weeks, meeting once a week (thinking Thursdays after 7pm). Share far and wide ;)

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