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  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    This is a brief course about enterprise resource pplanning.

  • Copyright 4 Educators (AUS)

    Copyright 4 Educators (AUS)

    A course for anyone who wants to learn about Australian educational copyright law and open educational resources.

  • Reclaim a personal space for education online

    Reclaim a personal space for education online

    In this course we will build a personal website together, explore some of the reason for having a personal space online, especially in the educational context, and examine some of the challenges and opportunities provided by participating in online courses like this one. While our focus will be on the expectations of those in the education field, particularly graduate students and instructors, participants from other fields are welcome. Similarly, while we will only cover the particular details of Wordpress and Reclaim Hosting, , the course may be of interest to those who prefer different tools or those interested in technology and online education more generally.

  • Speak Polish in 2 hours!

    Speak Polish in 2 hours!

    This learning event has been created for you to start speaking Polish in under 2 hours. This learning event is an experiment.

  • Customer Care Training Course

    Customer Care Training Course

    For those who’s customer service training requires tips and techniques in both telephone and face to face skills in handling difficult customers (such as rude, angry or aggressive customers) as part of their daily duties we also provide a Customer Service and Customer Care training course that deals with these types of customer. It also covers handling customer complaints; tips for retaining customers and how to diffuse customer conflict quickly and efficiently.

  • More than Just a Document: Redesigning the Syllabus for Digital Environments

    More than Just a Document: Redesigning the Syllabus for Digital Environments

    If your course is delivered online, your face-to-face syllabus won’t work! Learn to compose a structurally and discursively appropriate syllabus for teaching online.

  • Social Enterprise Methodology

    Social Enterprise Methodology

    It's never been easier to go from idea to impact.

  • CCNA


    Preparacion del examen CCNA 2015

  • A Brief Biography of Prophet Mohammed

    A Brief Biography of Prophet Mohammed

    This course is very short biography of prophet Mohammed. In this course we will learn about 4 sectors of his life: (1) Arabs before prophet Mohammed, (2) His birth, childhood and youth, (3) His prophet hood and death, and (4) His effect on the world.

  • Understanding More Concerning Blood Test Outcomes

    Understanding More Concerning Blood Test Outcomes

    Every person takes a blood examination at some time in their life. When this takes place, it's best to speak with the physician as well as comprehend why these tests have actually been suggested for you. Once you do have the results and you are not sure of just what they indicate, make certain you talk to the medical professional again.

  • Rodeln in Oberbayern

    Rodeln in Oberbayern

    Der Schnee glitzert in der Sonne und knirscht mit jedem Schritt unter den Schuhen. Zwei untrügliche Zeichen für einen perfekten Tag zum Rodeln. Aber wohin? Auf den kleinen Hügel hinter dem Haus? Oder doch lieber auf eine der längsten Rodelstrecken Europas?

  • Open Research 2015

    Open Research 2015

    Join us for a 4-week exploration of researching in the open! This course is aimed at any researcher who wants to conduct an element of their research openly. Interested in how to ethically and openly share your findings so that others can reuse or develop your work? Curious about which open research methods you could use? Or just wanting to find out more about what open research entails?

  • Get Photos to Art

    Get Photos to Art

    Are you looking for an artist who can turn your photos to art? Do you want a gift art for your special one or family? Don't worry, come to myDaVinci where you will find top professional artists who create custom artwork for you. MyDaVinci is one of the finest online retailing businesses that are specialized in creating personalized artwork and custom cartoon art for you.




  • El postestructuralismo frente a los clásicos

    El postestructuralismo frente a los clásicos

    ¿Cómo la filosofía postestructuralista francesa y alemana aún realiza lecturas e interpretaciones sobre los clásicos? Si quieres conocer sobre ello, entra a este curso.

  • Super Agent  Kim - The Relevance of a Property Agent When You Consider Super Agent Kim In woodbridge

    Super Agent Kim - The Relevance of a Property Agent When You Consider Super Agent Kim In woodbridge

    With great experience as a Woodbridge Realtor and as a Realtor servicing all areas in Prince William County, VA such as Fairfax, Manassas, Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Alexandria, We help both buyers and sellers meet their real estate objectives.

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Introduction to Nursing I, is the initial course for the student entering the profession of nursing and begins with an introduction to the health care system and nursing as a profession. Component parts of the nursing process are described and utilized in implementation of nursing technologies designed to promote optimum self care. The student learns to apply knowledge from behavioral and biological sciences in formulating a scientific rational foundation for one's nursing practice. Concepts related to selfcare theory, communication, health teaching, community and ethical/legal aspects are introduced.

  • World Wide Views Training

    World Wide Views Training

    In this course you will learn the basics in order to organize June 6th in your country

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