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Week 1- Examples of ARGs

Here are some of the examples we discussed in SL today:

Aevalle--While I didn’t discover it while it was actually going on, this is cool!

Abacus- While I’m not a runner, I do have a co-worker that is recovering from her first marathon! so I found this: It is only for Apple so far.

Jerry: I like Perplex City as an example simply because it’s the first one I was able to find useful info information about from a creator’s perspective. The Wikipedia entry for it provides a helpful level of background and an overview: and the site for the game itself provided some useful examples of the various game elements, e.g. art, photos, story planning flowcharts, maps, etc.:

Kavon: Sorry using the ARG presentation that Abacus and I developed. You’ll be tired of the story but it worked for us.

Cat: I've already written about it in P2P, but the Year Zero ARG in association with the 2007 Nine Inch Nails album of the same name is a great example of a multiplatform highly-immersive ARG. Very intensive, realistic, and involved!

Gridjumper:  Although it may seem mundane, is interesting to me because it takes something ordinary and makes it fun and thus easier to accomplish.  Some of what we teach and needs to be learned may be considered not so exciting by our studetns ( multiplication tables, grammar and spelling rules, the periodic table) so perhaps an ARG like Chore Wars will make it more fun.  Teachers and parents invent games for these kinds of tasks but an ARG may actually do more than teach the skill, it may teach some thinking.


Please add an example of an ARG you have played, created or discovered! Why is it interesting, intriguing or immersive? What elements especially stood out for you?

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