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Week 1 - Game Design

Since this mOOC is focused on creating ARGs for educational purposes, we'll be starting with framing your ARG educationally.

The first portion of the slides focuses on how to explain why you are planning to use an ARG or any other games in your classroom. The second portion focuses on the very basic framework for game design. This includes creating the rabbithole, and a discussion of flow and fiero. In Second Life, we have left a simple example of how to storyboard out your ARG in a manner that is easily understandable for most teachers.

Designing an ARG


Designing an ARG session

Homework.......for everyone

1) Tell us about about the ARG you are creating

  • Subject
  • Students
  • Concept


2) Tell us about

  • The Rabbithole ( yes you should google this - why it reinforces social network knowledge construction and lets you see other posts on ARGs in general and helps with the discussion of hard fun.)


3) Is this rabbithole different  from that of popular ARGs because it involves students and educators? 

Task Discussion