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Summary and consolidation of task 1-4

When you have completed working through the first 4 tasks you will have completed this course on dignity in the work place. It is important to take a time to reflect and check that you have understood the key concepts.
Some of the issues you should be aware of:
Employers need to address the issue of workplace bullying because it is such a destructive way of working.
It is costly for organisations through employee sickness, low productivity and expensive litigation.
There are many definitions of bullying but the important thing to note is that it has to be repeated, over a period of time, to be classed as bullying.
If someone is being bullied they can take various courses of action.
They should consider seeking advice from,say, human resources, a union, or legal advice. A diary documenting any incidents should be kept.
Bullying is a health and safety issue and both employers and employees have rights and responsibilites to maintain a safe, bully -free environment.
There does seem to be something in a person's personality that makes them more likely to become targets of bullying.
Sometimes the only option maybe to say to yourself "this just is not going to work out" and plan a job change.
This concludes the 'dignity in the workplace' tasks.
There will be more tasks relating to workplace bullying, but these are more to continue the discussion and to explore this topic further.

Task Discussion